PSD mocap beds

All layouts are presented as separate elements (the package contains 192 objects). Combine different objects with each other, change the texture, style, and color. Create a bold and creative projects with the help of layouts of furniture. Using the clown mask, you can create the desired textile and color. Your layouts will look stylish and tasteful thanks to the correct lighting settings. You can configure it yourself. The series includes: 3 Rococo bed layout (PSD) 5 Rococo sofa layout (PSD) 11 decor layouts: flowers, vases, books, cages, Eiffel tower (PSD) Clothes hanger layout (PSD) table layout (PSD) + 21 layout top view of all items (PSD) The files contain the following layers: 1) reflection 2) 2 sources of glare 3) light source 4) shadow 5) object shadow (editing using levels, exposure, or other PS tools) 6) clown mask If you need any help or have any questions, please contact me and I will definitely help! Thank you for stopping by!